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     "After giving up my dream of performing due to 9/11, I came to Julie, lost at how to get over my fears of singing again. She challenged my fears and proved that they were unfounded. She has not only become my vocal instructor but also my therapist, allowing me to dig deep and become a true performer once again. Julie is an inspirational teacher who always seems to know exactly what to say and what exercises to try, to improve the color and tone of my voice. My vocal technique and range has improved greatly, and her ability to help develop songs stylistically and technically propels her to another level as a teacher."

    - Danielle B.


    “Sing as if you were Baron von Worcestershire, the richest Baron in all of France! OH! And sing about your mother! Yes, the Baron loves his mother very much… NOW BEGIN!” Those peculiar words flew out of Julie’s mouth during the warm up in our very first lesson. Although I was completely thrown off guard, I tried to keep an open mind… and I’m so glad I did.

    Due to my involvement in musical theatre, we first worked on Broadway songs. Julie’s enthusiasm for theatre made me appreciate her criticism, often blunt, but constructive. We worked on technique, but she was also so helpful with the acting as well. With her help, I was offered various lead roles, both in high school and community theatre productions.

    However, when I told Julie I was also interested in recorded music, we changed our focus. When I began to apply to vocal performance college programs, she prepared me for all of my auditions. Among other schools, I was accepted to the prestigious Jazz Voice & Recorded music programs at Berklee College of Music and The Frost School of Music at the University of Miami without ANY previous knowledge of jazz. HOW WAS THAT POSSIBLE? Julie, of course.

    All the while, I was never able to stick with one specific performance goal or genre in my voice lessons. I always wanted to be as versatile as possible… and being the crazy chameleon that she is, Julie was able to quickly adapt to every single goal I made for myself. If I wanted to explore my pop/r&b voice, she helped me bring out my inner Michael Jackson. Rock? Well, Freddie Mercury would make an appearance. We delved into everything from musical theatre to soul music. And when I started writing my own music, she was with me every step of the way (even when our stomachs ached after laughing so hard at my terribly melodramatic lyrics).

    My wild, first experience with Julie was the first time in my life that I stopped trying so hard to get the notes right and focused on my intent as a performer. I learned with Julie that strict vocal technique did not develop musicianship at all—only true passion would. Yes, she taught me great technique. But if you look at your voice as a true musical instrument, you realize that you need to learn how to “tune” it, but, even more importantly, you need to learn how to really “play” it. And although learning strict technique made me a well-trained singer, I would never be an artist until I trusted my own instrument, relaxed with my vocal technicalities, and became comfortable performing in my own shoes. This not only changed the way I sang, but the way I acted as well. And now that I am studying at the world-renowned Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, Julie’s inside-out approach has been more helpful than ever. She is much more than a teacher- she is a giver, a life coach, and a true friend. I have her to thank for the performer, artist, thinker, and overall human being I am today. - Oren Oettinger


    "I am beyond blessed to be trained by one of the most gifted coaches ever! Julie shares her expertise with me any time I need it - not only at my lesson.  She is constantly helping me to develop my performance skills and stage presence, always making sure I deliver a superior vocal performance.  She has helped me with my technique, increased my range and taught me how to mix and sing with confidence.  Her support has helped me realize that I can fulfill my dreams in musical theatre. With Julie my repertoire and self confidence keep growing with every lesson. 

    Julie is tough which keeps me disciplined; she is supportive which helps me persevere; she humbles me which keeps me competitive; she believes in me which keeps me dedicated. Julie makes me want to work hard at embracing my passion. Julie is my coach, my cheerleader, the sister I never had, the friend I will always need.

    Julie has helped me find my true voice."
    - Grace M.


    "I've known Julie for a long time, and I've also worked with her for a long while, and I can't say enough about how much she's influenced my voice. We have endless fun at lessons and we get a LOT of stuff done in the meantime. She has prepared me for, and helped me book, numerous professional auditions and jobs, and we're talking hardcore Broadway and off-Broadway productions, acting and singing alike.

    I remember this one time, when I had a big audition for Elf, on Broadway. I was so nervous, and I had gone to Julie the night before for a lesson. To help me warm up for the lesson (since the song goes up to a stinkin' high E!!!) she recorded a bunch of her warm ups onto my phone. It helped, because I booked the job! Thanks so much, Julie, for everything you do!"   - Adam D.



    "Julie is the best! She has been extremely engaging ever since I began taking lessons with her, and I've found myself growing so much as an actor, singer, and overall performer. She is wonderful to work with as well, keeping lessons fun and incredibly helpful." - Sophia C. 










    "Since starting voice lessons with Julie 4 years ago, I have discovered a whole new healthier way of singing. I always felt like I had two voices: A soprano and a belt. With Julie, I am learning to use my whole voice in a healthy way. I’ve noticed a huge improvement over the years. In our lessons she works on overall performance, posture and acting. Julie is very knowledgable about the voice and is a wonderful pianist as well. A bonus is that she is a blast to work with. She is very professional but also makes the hard work fun!" - Stella S.


    "I don't know if one can express in words Julie's knowledge, gift, and talent for music.
    She amazes me every time my daughter, Cateris, takes a lesson. Not only can she play 
    and sing music of all genres at any given second, but she knows exactly what her 
    students need to grow and be successful. She understands how the voice works, but 
    even more, her ear is incredible; she knows the perfect exercises they need to help 
    them reach their highest potential. Whether it's working through a song for your 
    repertoire or getting you ready for an audition, she'll give you all the tools you need. 
    We feel so privileged and lucky to have Julie's knowledge, charisma, and direction to 
    guide Cateris on her path. She has an extra sense; to know her is to know brilliance.

    - Judy D.